Reinforced plastic pellets

JSC INOREGA Reinforced pellets can be produce to be suitable for common thermoplastic processing methods like injection molding, extrusion, and compression molding, and can address a number of different technical requirements, including:
Strength – Conductivity – Flame retardance – Bondability and feel – Appearance/aesthetics – Density – And many more!

Reinforced Compounds are formulated to be lighter, stiffer, and stronger than traditional compounds, allowing for more design freedom and flexibility.  provide an excellent alternative to aluminum, die cast zinc, and other metals, as they can maintain similar properties with 60 to 80% weight reduction.
Reinforced Compounds provide benefits such as:
Lower density  and Highest strength and stiffness of all reinforced compounds Process-able on standard injection molding equipment
can be used in the same bases . They can be loaded with up to 50%  fiber, offering solutions for many markets including aerospace, automotive, consumer, energy, and other industrial.

The potential of thermoplastic composites can be fully exploited only through an accurate development process, taking into account the peculiarities of the materials used, the manufacturing process, the part geometry and the financial boundaries. These properties influence each other, so it is mandatory to evaluate them in their entirety from the very beginning of the engineering phase.

We work with a wide range of standard polymer raw materials and bio-plastics:

  • PLA
  • PLA R
  • PS
  • PP
  • PP/PE
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • ABS
  • PC
  • PC /ABS 

Reinforcement fibers till 7-50 % are used by us:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Aramid fiber
  • Basalt Fiber
  • Kevlar Fiber

Possibility of additional additives:

  • FR  ( fire resistance )
  • UV ( ultraviolet protection )
  • TV ( Talc )

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