3D Print & Printing Services

We provide 3D printing and design services unit and series production, prototype production.

All types of materials and various technical solutions

Our team of professionals and partners is able to accept complex challenges and create product or prototype for you.

Please contact various industry and individuals

WE BUY 3D Printing Waste

We buy from companies and individuals as individual manufacturers 3D Printing waste : PLA . ABS , PET G. TPU  other .

The waste must be neatly sorted without impurities.
If you regularly have waste in your production we suggest you contact us and discuss the option of purchasing a sorting container, this will allow you to sort the waste neatly and send it to us.

3D Printing filaments reels : 0.5 . 1 . 2 . 3 . 5 . 10  Kilograms 
filament reels must be neat and not broken

You can send wastes and reels to us by post, indicating your contact details
A representative of our company will contact you and discuss payment for plastic scrap or reels. Payment you can pick up and the printing raw material that our company produces