Our company provides various services to its clients:

  • Plastic Granule Reinforced Service with Innovatives Fibers
  • Plastic Regranulation service
  • Plastic Composite Production Service.
  • Plastic filling with various additives.
  • Pilot production of plastic granules.
  • Plastic materials for 3D printing
  • Reinforced plastic materials for 3D printing
  • Plastic technologies for 3D printing

Working with Injection, extrusion,3D printing companies, we can offer you competitive prices for batch and one-off production based on your existing or new project. We produce the raw materials for your project and coordinate the production quality and project progress.

WE Guarantee you production without wastes and a balanced clear profit margin without overpaying for plastic material sand labor.

UAB INOREGA services for industry

Innovative approach to the use of plastic raw materials.
We offer reinforcement and filling services for your raw materials

Strength – Conductivity – Flame retardance – Bondability and feel – Appearance / aesthetics – Density –
And many more!

  • Pellets with Innovative fibres
  • Pellets with Nano additives
  • 3D printing pellets composites
  • 3D printing filaments composites

Compounds are formulated to be lighter, stiffer, and stronger than traditional filled compounds, allowing for more design freedom and flexibility.

Compounds provide an excellent alternative to aluminum, die cast zinc, and other metals as they can maintain similar properties with 60 to 80% weight reduction.